AccuStaff®, Tempforce® and e-staff® are individually owned staffing firms with a commitment to diversity. It is our goal to help businesses build a diverse workforce that promotes inclusion and recognizes the value of every employee.

As a company, we believe there is significant value in creating a work culture characterized by a diverse array of skill sets, experiences and backgrounds. In support of our commitment to diversity, our recruiting efforts and vendor relationships proactively encourage and promote inclusion across all minority groups. And, we help our clients do the same, enabling them to strategically meet diversity goals and build a stronger, more dynamic workforce.

As an employer, we are dedicated to helping individuals of every background and culture apply their skills to opportunities that not only complement their skills, but value their differences.

We’re also a proud supporter of women and minority-owned businesses. In fact, many of our franchise owners are certified Woman Business Enterprises (WBE).

Community Involvement

One of our company’s highest priorities is staying involved in the communities in which we live and operate our business. We believe it is our social responsibility to conduct our business in such a way that it adds value to our community and benefits society as a whole. To that effort, we are involved in numerous charitable organizations that reach out to diverse people groups to provide support and help meet the needs of those around us.

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