Vision & Values

At AccuStaff®, Tempforce® and e-staff®, the vision that guides our business is rooted in relationships. We want to be the first staffing provider businesses and job seekers go to because we’ve invested time getting to know them; understand their needs; respond to their priorities; and consistently provide the best talent and career opportunities.  

In pursuit of our vision, there are five core values that define our business:

1. Knowledge – We will get to know our clients and candidates, the qualities that make them unique, and the factors that determine their success.

2. Service – We will consistently provide excellent service to our customers with the end goal always being to exceed expectations.

3. Respect – We will treat others with respect and nurture relationships both inside and outside of our organization, so that every individual feels valued.

4. Innovation – We will stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and developments, ensuring our customers’ needs are met with the best tools, technology and solutions.

5. Social Responsibility – We will be socially responsible in all that we do, so that our business is a benefit to society as well as our customers.

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